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South Bend: LaSalle Park
Gary: Midtown
Indianapolis: Martindale-Brightwood

The following research documents are available for each of five Indiana neighborhoods designated as "Neighborhood Naturally Occurring Retirement Communities" (NNORC's):

photo of page from Demographic TableDemographic Table (PDF file)

A brief statistical overview of population characteristics for residents age 60+. Source: AdvantAge Initiative Community Survey in Indiana, 2008.

photo of page from ChartsCharts (PDF file)

40 color charts depicting demographic data from the 2008 AdvantAge Initiative Community Survey in Indiana. Note: PowerPoint files of the charts are provided for those who would like to use the material in a presentation.

The following document enables comparison of individual neighborhoods with other survey data:

photo of page from Comparison ChartsComparison Charts (PDF document)

Statistical tables of AdvantAge Initiative survey data, comparing the five NNORC's, 15 participating regions served by an Area Agency on Aging, and the entire State of Indiana. 21 pages. For convenience a link to this document is provided under each NNORC below.

Note: Neighborhood samples are too small to analyze by specific demographic characteristics so the files include only higher order results for each indicator.

South Bend: LaSalle Park neighborhood

Demographic Table for LaSalle Park
Charts for LaSalle Park
Charts in PowerPoint for LaSalle Park
Comparison Charts for LaSalle Park

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Gary: Midtown neighborhood

Demographic Table for Midtown
Charts for Midtown
Charts in PowerPoint for Midtown
Comparison Charts for Midtown

Indianapolis: Martindale-Brightwood neighborhood

Demographic Table for Martindale-Brightwood
Charts for Martindale-Brightwood
Charts in PowerPoint for Martindale-Brightwood
Comparison Charts for Martindale-Brightwood

Linton NNORC

Demographic Table for Linton
Charts for Linton
Charts for Linton in PowerPoint
Comparison Charts for Linton

Huntington NNORC

Demographic Table for Huntington
Charts for Huntington
Charts for Huntington in PowerPoint
Comparison Charts for Huntington

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