Indiana University

Martindale and Brightwood

August 25, 2008

With funding and support from the Indiana Division of Family and Social Services Administration, Division of Aging and the University of Indianapolis Center for Aging and Community, the residents of the Martindale/Brightwood neighborhoods of Indianapolis are organizing themselves to create a better place to grow old. This grass roots effort benefits from the talented contributions of faculty and staff of Martin University,, an incredible institution founded by Rev. Fr. Boniface Hardin in 1977. On August 27, neighborhood residents organized to hear about the survey results and discuss specific goals for moving forward to create an elder-friendly neighborhood. M/B is one of the "naturally occurring retirement communities" selected in an innovative pilot to address aging issues for and with older Hoosiers at its most basic level -- the neighborhood.

Download Martindale - Brightwood NNORC Survey Report.

Download Martindale - Brightwood NNORC Demographic Table.

Download Gary, Indianapolis, South Bend Survey Report.

Download Gary, Indianapolis, South Bend NNORCs Demographic Table.

Also, the state planning project has consolidated survey results from all three of Indiana's urban NORC's participating in the pilot project, in order to construct a slightly larger sample for interpretation and comparison with the two small town NORC's in Linton and Huntington, Indiana. [Need Report]