Indiana University


August 25, 2008

Area 10 is the smallest of Indiana's 16 planning and service areas served by the area agencies on aging. Small but mighty, however, might be the apt phrase to describe the gathering steam being generated by the Area 10 Agency on Aging and the new Active Aging Coalition. The Coalition has been meeting for several months to study, discuss, explore and dream about ways to make Monroe and Owen counties more elder-friendly; not just for current elders but for the future ones too! On Thursday, August 27, the Coalition and Area 10 are co-sponsoring a presentation and workshop by Phil Stafford of the Center on Aging and Community at Indiana University, himself a long time resident of the area. Results of the recent AdvantAge survey will be released and breakout groups will begin digging into the data to explore their ramifications for the community and move towards goal setting for the future.

Download Area 10 Survey Report.

Download Area 10 Demographic Table.