Indiana University


September 12, 2008

Way down south in Evansville, things are looking good. The AdvantAge Initiative survey provided some pleasant surprises, demonstrating higher than average rates of screening and vaccinations and pretty good evaluations of neighborhood quality of life. The folks at the area agency on aging (SWIRCA), with the leadership of John Graves and Jean Tillery, are jumping on the energy and enthusiasm that emerged from the successful Mid-American Institute on Aging in August. The Institute attracted 250 participants to learn about livable communities and get some inspiration from Sandy Markwood, Director of the National Association of Area Agencies on Aging.

Future planning will make use of survey data revealed today by Phil Stafford in a presentation at the Greater St. James Recreation and Education Center in downtown Evansville, a wonderful center funded by Evansville’s own famous B-Ball player and IU grad Calbert Cheaney. It was a pleasure to also meet the church’s Pastor Smith, 89 years old, who continues to complete 50 push-ups a day, along with a two mile walk. The good survey results around physical exercise suggest that Pastor Smith is a good role model for many!

Download Area 16 Survey Report.