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CfaL Roles for Philanthropy

August 1, 2013

The Indiana Grantmakers Alliance's August 2013 Aging Issues in Brief issue focuses on four roles for philanthropic organizations who seek to develop communities for a lifetime (CfaLs). CfaLs are locales where both the built environment and the social fabric are constructed to support those growing up and those growing old: people of all ages and abilities.

cover of CfaL Roles for PhilanthropyPhilanthropic organizations of all shapes and sizes are well positioned to support these communities through convening community conversations, communicating unbiased messages, catalyzing action and contributing to community change. They are perfectly suited to the role(s) of convener, communicator, catalyst or contributor because they have the respect of community stakeholders, access to data, altruistic agendas and a variety of resources."

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